Photo Credit: Caryn DeFreeze

I’m a small town girl living in a lonely world… Oh wait.. that’s the start of a Journey song! Ironically, I’m a small town Michigan gal living the “city”(ish) life in South Bend, Indiana with my husband, two dogs, a cat, and a sassy human teenager (part time). Definitely not lonely! But, I can relate to the lyrics of the song which is why my photography “journey” has been so empowering.

I learned early in life that I don’t see the world like other people do. So, I started taking pictures because I liked that I could show people their interactions and how they leave a mark on everything they touch. I guess in a way, this was my way of escaping the loneliness that seeing things in slow motion can create. So there’s the lonely world part. I guess after afterall I really am a small town girl living in a lonely world desperate for people to feel the things I feel and optimistic my art can change the world.

I like composing images and challenging myself to capture emotion and feeling. Having my face smashed into the back of a camera makes me feel alive. Somewhere along the way I fell in love with the way people interacted with my images. It feeds my soul to show people things from a perspective they never considered. I realized I have a powerful gift that can change the lives of the people I interact with and I’ll be damned if I’m going to keep that to myself. Connecting with my clients and witnessing their emotional connection to my work is an experience that words just can’t describe. I won’t even try. Just know, I live and breathe to empower and inspire people.

My mission is to capture raw, honest moments that empower and inspire.

Photo Cred: Will Johnson

Photo Cred: Will Johnson

Because I have a full time job in public relations, I keep much of my personal life private. What you will see most of is my husband, our pets’ and our travels. Adrian and I got married in 2014 and we spend much of our time working on our home, traveling, and arguing over should make dinner. We are coffee snobs and with the help of some friends I’ve taught him to love Whiskey! When we travel, we do it in a way that shows us what life would be like if we lived wherever we are. We do some “touristy” stuff but mostly we look for dive bars, pizza joints, and coffee shops. We value local art and fill our home with unique finds to commemorate our travels.

Photography is about more than just a photo. Photography is art, it is emotion, and it is an experience. An experience that has the ability to change your view, your perspective, and the value of your life.

If you’re just looking to have your photo taken, I’m not your gal. If you're looking to have a one of a kind experience that leaves you feeling on top of the world then you found the right person! Either way, I hope you connect with the moments of your life that make you feel amazing because you deserve it!

“When I have a camera in my hand, I know no fear.” - Alfred Eisenstaedt




Photo Cred: Shelby Chari Photography (Mon Chari)